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We began in 1997. We started with four yearling Angora goat whethers. The  "knights of the round table" -named: Arthur, Lancelot, Sir Galahad, and Sir Gawain.  We posed, if we were able to keep them healthy and happy for a year, in what ever the seasons would bring, we would only then move onto breeding. During that first year, we fell in love with the gentle dispositions of the Angora Breed. And, that is how it all began.

Our love for Arthurian literature, old stories and myth has inspired our farm name. It was clinched by our little pond with its funny island, like the island of Avalon in the King Arthur stories, and our four warrior whethers.
It was almost a decade later in 2006 that we branched into the world of fiber and fiber art. Karen Schlossberg, M.Ed. taught art for 12 years in the public school system. She has a lifelong love of art, particularly painting and pottery. Working with fiber and dye combined her love of color and texture. 

Since 2006 we have been developing an inventory of primarily yarn, but inclusive of other fiber products like roving and felt.
Our approach to production is to find the best match for each kind of fiber and each individual fleece.  Some fleeces are meant to be roving and some are meant to be yarn.  Some are meant to be shown off for their natural color and others a catalyst for Karen's dye work. It means we want all our products to have wonderful quality and are especially made with you in mind.

Our Many Missions:
1. The health and happieness of all our animals.
2. The farm sustains itself.
3. We use a “green” approach to business.
4. Teach when we can; Enjoy when we can.
5. Art and creative expression are important.
6. Our customers relish our products!

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